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    Hello and welcome to L Train Vintage.com's term of service. In order to complete your enjoyment here are our online shop's term of service.

    When do you restock on sold out items?

    We search the USA and find the best vintage we can get our hands on for you. Since all items are salvaged, they are truly one of a kind items, so that we cannot restock an item once it is sold.

    Are there returns on items?

    All our sales are final, no exceptions.

    How do I find the right size for me?

    Sizing labels vary by manufacturer and by year. Many of our items are vintage and were produced by different companies in different years, this means you cannot not trust the tag on the label to determine the garments size. We measure each item to insure proper sizing. Carefully review our measurements when purchasing.

    When do you ship out items?

    We  ship out items three to four business days from purchase.

    What are the shipping fees?

    All purchases include shipping in the USA.

    But free Shipping is only applicable for the first time items are shipped. If items are returned to us there will be a reshipping fee.

    Reshipping fees are the duty of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to enter correct customer information: email address, street address, phone number etc. 

    Your street address is confirmed by you during checkout. If we detect a problem with your street address we will contact you. L Train Vintage is not responsible for items that are returned to Ltrainvintage.com headquarters due to an inability of the customer to pick up their purchase or the USPS inability to deliver the item due to incorrect customer's street address.

    If you wish to  have the item reshipped, free shipping no longer applies. The reshipping fee is dependent on package size and is subject to USPS shipping rates. The minimum reshipping fee is $10.00. USD

    Further, all returned to sender items are kept in house for up to a month. We will contact you regarding any returned packages by USPS. 

    How can I track my item?
    We'll send you a notice once your item is shipped. The notice will contain a USPS tracking number which you can use to track your item at usps.com.

    Questions? Contact us at ltrainvintage@gmail.com