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    A combination of the stores you loved: Atlantis Attic and ViceVersa.



    This is our newest location in Brooklyn, NY! A combination of our storied and much loved Atlantis Attic and Vice Versa Bushwick and Vice Versa Bedford Ave!

    "I have never liked a thrift store like I love this place.  Everything is incredible, you will find the most unique and incredible things here.  Anything I ever imagine I can almost always find..."- Emily B.

    "This shop, the latest from the Brooklyn-based vintage clothiers L Train Vintage, is housed in a cavernous space crammed with racks of secondhand leather vests, denim of all varieties, clingy bejeweled gowns and wool sweaters that are as trendy today as they were in the ‘80s — many for under $20."- NYTIMES

    "It’s just moved to 1377 Dekalb Ave, between Central and Wilson Aves and replaced another thrift store at this location. The folks over at Urban Jungle (another Bushwick location of L Train Vintage located at Knickerbocker Ave) told us they moved because the new space is bigger… Which is hard to imagine seeing how Vice Versa was like the palace of thrift stores in Bushwick. So if you stroll by Vice Versa hoping to get a new shirt for your hot date this weekend, and you’re afraid it’s gone forever likeWreck Room (R.I.P.), fret not. It’s just evolved. Visit their new location and tell us what you think!"- Bushwick Daily

    "[T]hey did have a fantastic vintage dress section, on par with what they have in [Urban Jungle]. If i had all the money in the world, I'd have bought a ton, but I got one vintage 70s dress with long sleeves and a darling collar for $8. Also, dont pass up on the vintage sequin dresses! Especially as we head towards the holidays. Pricier, prob around $30 a pop, but awesome." Christine M. Yelp

    “They have a huge selection and I give them credit to keeping it so organized all the time.”-  Jaclyn L -Yelp

    "I wish we had places like this at home - this place is AWESOME!  There are some really good finds here!" Beverly A. - Yelp

    Honestly all the shops part of the "L Train Vintage" are really reasonably priced and have great gems. Once you're there you can pick up a flyer, that shows you all the stores or just google said quotes above.- Ro. C yelp